God’s Vision Marches On

Continuation of the Vision

By:  Reverend Dr. Aaron Anthony, Chancellor

It was the year 1993… and I had just returned from my first mission trip to Ghana.  Early in the morning, God showed me a vision, that would drastically change not only my life, but alter the destinies of many to come!

In this vision, I saw five buildings in the shape of a cross, with a round building as the center of the cross.  I then saw people entering this building, only for them to be running out proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Lastly, before the vision ended, God gave me the name… End Time Harvest Ministries.

Since the inception of this school, God has been raising up “FLAMING ARROWS,” who have been trained, equipped, and released into this dry and parched land, spreading revival everywhere they go!  Over these past 16 years, the students of this ministry have seen THOUSANDS OF SOULS won to Christ, THOUSANDS OF SICK PATIENTS have been prayed for and ministered to, HUNDREDS OF INMATES have encountered the love of Christ, and an UNCOUNTABLE NUMBER MORE have been reached through the lives and graduates of End Time Harvest Bible College!

At this time, the fourth building of the vision, has been awaiting further construction for nearly three years!  As we begin this new year, I want to ask you to prayerfully consider giving specifically, for this building to be completed.  This is a multi-purpose classroom facility which will enable more students from Ghana and abroad to be trained and equipped to carry out the Great Commission wherever the Lord should send them!  I am truly grateful for all the Lord has done through the lives of our partners, to cause this vision to come to pass.  Together, we are touching nations, as these men and women are being trained to serve the Lord.

End Time Harvest Bible College

End Time Harvest Bible College

FourthbClassroombBuilding Needs to be Completed

Fourth Classroom Building
Needs to be Completed!

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