Students Speak Out!

Meet One of Our Students

Victor SokuLionel Victor Soku is a third year student, pursing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.  Lionel is a hard-working, humble young man, who has a true servant heart.  He is from the capital of Ghana, about 4 hours from the Bible College.

He has this to say, “Coming to this school is one of the best decisions I have made!  My level of understanding in relation to biblical principles and truths which are taught in this college have greatly impacted my life…”  “However, this would not have been possible for me if it had not been for one of the partners of End Time Harvest Ministries who has provided a scholarship for me to attend this college!  I want to thank all the partners of ETHM, for you have, indeed, helped so many to be equipped and serve the Lord where He has called us.

The Gift of a Scholarship

There are so many others who are in need of a financial scholarship!

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